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Dedo de Ara Vol-2

Two friends went to a BDSM party with their girlfriends. The dude invited them in and they wore their best. Then he began licking their large tits. The girls began moaning in pleasure. The guy tied the girls by ropes and started whipping them with the whip. And then he fucks the beauties doggy-style. The girls go crazy and have a sexy orgasm. This is only the start of their adventures. Explore the comic to find out more.

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Intimate See Mode

Due to a variety of reasons, Ayane isn’t the most recognizable character from “Dead or Alive” roster of female fighters but she’ll get another chance- the chance to be one of the most famous boobs from this series! And also booty! Und pussy! Plus at some point she’ll be in schoolgirls uniform! You should have got the main point by now – Ayane is the best DOA little girl!

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This comic parody hentai comics is composed of two parts (or chapters) which include Kasumi and Ayane as the main heroines of each of them. But unlike the official story of the “Dead or Alive” videogame series where both women are highly trained ninja fighters in this story , you’ll see them getting captured andofcourse some themes of sexual domination and submission will follow…

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Copy-shi Soushuuhen

The comics’ parody style of art may seem a bit “sketchy”, but when you begin studying it, you’ll be forgettingall about it. It allows you to look into the privatelives and private life of the most famous anime heroines from a variety of animeseries and videogames. And some of them will even be impregnated!

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